Fitness Fundrasiers

Fitness Fundraiser

Get students and the community running or walking with a color run, just for fun! Here’s how:

  • Find a location, seek approval, set a date: This could be a local trail, track, or map out an area on school grounds
  • Find sponsors: if desired, send and hand out sponsor forms to local businesses to cover any up front costs; use multiple sponsor levels to target a variety of potential sponsors
  • Corporate/platinum sponsors could contribute the most, have the largest logo’s on all printed materials, and have the opportunity to have their own labeled color station where company members throw the color on the participants
  • Gold sponsors could contribute the next highest amount and have their company name on a majority printed materials
  • Silver sponsors could contribute the next level and have their company name on select printed materials
  • Bronze sponsors could contribute in-kind donations of lower amounts or of specific products
  • Up front costs: pay for with registration income or through sponsors (some costs optional below)
  • Color powder: can be bought online off of amazon in bulk, roughly $100 for a 25lb box
  • Use a variety of colors and have a color station for each
  • Two 25 lb boxes for each color station is suggested for up to 200 -250 participants
  • Use medical or food prep gloves, plastic cups, plastic traditional ketchup and mustard bottles, or create a powder blower/gun to throw the color (be sure to instruct color throwers to throw the color above participants or below chin level)
  • Water, fruit, or other healthy snack
  • Plastic merchandise bags to place schedule of events, shirts, and other merchandise inside
  • Start and finish line markings
  • Event signs and banner
  • Step and repeat banner with stand (for participants to take pictures in front of)
  • Megaphone (or use sound system)
  • Cones for marking stations, parking, or other areas
  • Color run tattoos or some other inexpensive favor for participants


  • Send out registration forms with cost, location, and date information to all students and staff
  • Show students what a color run is through an online video or pictures
  • Tell everyone to wear white or sell a shirt with registrations
  • Have a cost for students and adults
  • Allow people to pre-register (especially if selling shirts) or register the day of
  • Enlist volunteers


  • Parents
  • Local officials
  • Local emergency personnel
  • Media
  • Don’t forget to invite the media to advocate for the event’s cause
  • Create a press release

Day of the event

  • Set up to an hour aside for registration and check in
  • Have music playing the entire time
  • Partner with a local fitness center to have a pre-run/walk warm-up
  • Send runners to the starting line first, then people walking, followed by families with strollers or young children
  • Once everyone has been active for the amount of time or distance set, regroup at a central location
  • Close the event with a Powder Party and sell cups of powder for the party
  • For the Powder Party everyone throw’s their color up in the air at the same time or until all their powder is gone
  • Thank everyone and have a hose off station where people can wash off if they choose ● Color runs are mighty fun! Try one for your next fundraiser.

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