Executive Director Update

This has been a very busy year WVAHPERD.   I have been advocating in various ways for W.V.A.H.P.E.R.D.  In March,  I attended the National Convention in Boston and attended meetings with other State Executive Directors and researched programs, products and services other states are providing for their membership.  In May, I visited capitol hill and had meetings with our Congressmen and Senators on providing more funding for the Every Student Succeed Act(ESSA).  As you know, Physical Education and Health are now included in funding towards teachers, students and trainings.  The funding is limited and I hope our visit will change the process and allocations. In June, President- Elect Ashley Doty and I attended a leadership conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At this training,  I, again,  collaborated with Executive Directors  from other states. At this conference we discussed procedures other states are taking to assist in writing the new plans for assessment and implementation of ESSA.  Finally,  I attended a town meeting that the WVDE conducted in providing  their plans in implementing the states requirement of the ESSA.   I believe, when discussing the ESSA,  our organization should advocate for health and physical education to be included in the mission statement for developing the well- rounded child.  We as professionals need to advocate for our children and our profession.  It is important for teachers to attend this convention and learn how to advocate for our children and schools.