WV Jumps for Healthy Hearts

Pre-school, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students at McNinch Primary School in Moundsville, WV participated in the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart Program during the month of March. Students first learned that by asking for donations they were helping save children and adults with heart issues. The research that is able to be funded through this program has helped and will help doctors discover ways of fixing heart ailments in infants, children, and adults. Students then learned and practiced how to jump rope and how being active and making healthy food choices can help keep their heart healthy for a lifetime.

Pre-school teachers at McNinch teach their own gross motor, but wanted to participate this year in Jump Rope for Heart. To provide resources to the pre-school teachers, Ashley Doty, the Physical Education teacher, created lesson plans, a music list, and reference videos for their use. Videos can be viewed by fellow West Virginia Educators via Office 365 video and clicking on the McNinch Primary School, Marshall County Channel.

As an incentive for students to gather donations for people with special hearts, staff volunteered to take part in a fun filled assembly if the whole school reached its goal. If the whole school raised $3500, staff members would be “Kissing a Creature.” If $4500 was raised, staff would be wrapped up in saran wrap and race one another. If the school goal of $5500 was reached, then staff would get slimed. Last year students raised $5000. This year students met and surpassed the $5500 goal, raising just over $6000, a school record. Since students met and passed the goal, staff got slimed and got their hair colored for a day by top earning students.

McNinch is proud to hold this event to help save hearts, teach healthy lifestyles, and teach students the lifelong exercise of jump roping.

Ashley Doty
McNinch Primary, Marshall County Schools
Health and Physical Education
WVAHPERD President Elect