WVAHPERD Technology

It’s hard to believe we are 17 years deep into the 21st century.  While many of us thought we would be at the Jetsons level, it is amazing to see all the developments that have taken place.  From the advent and explosion of social media to a smart device in every hand, technology continues to permeate every second of our lives.  We want to capitalize on that technology as an organization to help make our events and options to members the best and most efficient they can be.  Over the past few years we have embarked on a new membership management platform that puts everything online.  All membership matters can be managed from virtually anywhere.  We encourage and welcome online registration and payments via credit card.  Our registration check-in process has been streamlined with online fund management and processing.

We have also looked at how we can capitalize on the social media craze.  In the past year, President-Elect Ashley Doty has undertaken the responsibility of increasing WVAHPERD’s social media presence.  You can now receive updates and stories throughout the year via our Facebook and Twitter channels.  Be sure to follow #wvahperd2017 as we update about our conference and promote our supporters.  We want to see WVAHPERD trending throughout the conference, so share your experiences with the various sessions, events, and social activities while your in Shepherdstown.

In addition to what we can do with our technology channels, we want to help you incorporate more technology into your classroom environment.  Check out The PE Geek for great information related to technology and physical education.

We want to hear from you.  Tell us how you’re using technology in your classroom, activities, or wherever.  Send your stories to info@wvahperd.org