Support your team…wear the colors

We are all passionate about our teams.  Whether you’re a die-hard Mountaineer who lives for Country Roads, or a gobbler that salivates at the mention of Enter Sandman, we are all big supporters of our favorite college teams.  Nothing shows our support like donning the team colors.  When you’re at the big game, it’s endless jerseys as far as the eye can see.  There is just something about getting into the frenzied college sports mindset when you put that jersey on.    

This year’s banquet dinner will have a different night….and a different theme.  We want all attendees decked out in their favorite college team jerseys.  Take the opportunity to pay respect to your alma-mater, or to the team you’ve followed since you were a kid.  We want to see all the colors represented at the dinner this year.  It’s your chance to celebrate the accomplishments of your fellow colleagues, take part in honoring our JRFH and HFH supporters, and get in some good fun ribbing with your bitter rivals.