Treasurer’s Update

I am pleased to report that our organization is of solid financial status.

As we get ready to embark on another convention, we have taken many steps to keep your costs low and ensure that WVAHPERD is financially stable to continue providing great opportunities to our membership and our profession.

I would like to encourage you to visit our website,, often for updates and future events as well as related topics of interest to our field.

Also, please consider visiting and joining our national organization to assist in improve teaching strategies and program ideas. Networking at both the state and national levels can be invaluable.

For the past year, I have been involved in several meetings and activities related to WVAHPERD.  I attended the SHAPE National Convention & Expo in Boston, MA in the spring of 2017.  During this conference, I attended several meetings focused on making state associations fiscally sound and strong.  I also attended treasurers meetings at the district level and meetings as part of the Past President’s Council and TOY committee.  I look forward to continuing in this important role and pledge to continue to help WVAHPERD move forward financially.

-Karen Bonnett, Treasurer